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    Bonade 360 bon8002a

    €89.00 / 339.09 ₪
    SUS304 Mixer Tap 360 ° Rotatable Stainless Steel with ABS Bubbler Single Lever Mixer Tap Faucets Taps for the kitchen - Total height: 318 mm - Height of spout: 237 mm - Required hole:? 32-35 mm 360 ° rotatable: - This single-lever kitchen mixer can be rotated 360 ° - You can easily clean each corner of the sink - It is perfect for single or double basins - The one-hand lever mixer can be mounted depending on the rotation left or right of the faucet With ABS bubbler: - Number of drains: 1 - Aerator of Neoperl - Water jet well formed, without rippling - The aerator adds a lot of air to the water, which makes the jet softer and saves up to 30% of water
    משקל: 3.20 ק"ג
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