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    BISSELL 1084N Spot & Stain

    €14.98 / 59.91 ₪
    נוזל מרוכז לניקוי שטיחים ובדים עמידים למים. 1 ליטר

    1558N ביסל

    €199.99 / 799.82 ₪
    Powerful emergency stain cleaner - quickly and easily removes all stains, spills and dirt - for carpets, runners, upholstery, cars and more Powerful 750W power to quickly and easily remove stains Large capacity tanks, easy to fill and empty - convenient handle and flat hopper for fast filling and easy emptying. The integrated 1.5m hose allows you to get anywhere, anytime, wherever & wherever SpotClean Pro can help you Easy to store - the lightweight, compact design allows storage in small cabinets

    Bissell 1789L multi-surface cleaner for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro, Spinwave and other multi-surface cleaning devices, 1x 1 litre.

    €20.99 / 83.95 ₪
    Cleaning agent suitable for hard floors, carpeted floors and carpets. Suitable for all multi-surface cleaning tools, including Crosswave and Spinwave. Cleans hard floors streak-free and leaves no dull residue. Removes dirt quickly and easily. Fresh spring scent.

    Bissell 1868F Crosswave Multisurface, in box

    €17.98 / 71.91 ₪
    More Panel made from microfiber and nylon bristles brush bar roller Easy-to-swap Replacement Part Suitable for hard floors and carpets

    Bissell 2131 Spinwave Soft Pads, Set Of 4

    €17.98 / 71.91 ₪
    The Spinwave soft pads gently clean your hard floors. The pads can be washed in the washing machine. This set contains four.

    Bissell 2138 Spinwave Scrubby Pads Pack of 4

    €17.99 / 71.95 ₪
    The Spinwave scrubby pads when installed starke,, dirt. The pads can be washed in the washing machine. This set includes 4 pieces.

    3698N ביסל

    €149.99 / 599.86 ₪
    Emergency Spot Cleaner: SpotClean quickly and easily removes stains, spills and spills from upholstery and carpets HeatWave technology: Constant heat ensures that the water temperature is maintained at a constant temperature during cleaning Cleans stains on carpets, carpets, upholstery, stairs and car interiors Removable water tank for easy filling and emptying Detergent samples are included

    Bissell Crosswave (17132)

    €229.99 / 919.80 ₪
    סוג המוצר רטוב / יבש שואב אבק מתאים לשימוש חיצוני, רצפה קשה, שטיח- צבע כחול

    Bissell 1144N Hard Floor Cleaner Detergent for all hard floor cleaning appliances, 1 x 1 liter

    €19.96 / 79.83 ₪

    Suitable for use in equipment for hard floor cleaning, eg. B. Bissell HydroClean ProHeat Complete
    This hard-floor cleaner removes stubborn dirt and stains, leaving it naturally shiny
    Tested in the laboratory: suitable for use on hard floors, including linoleum, vinyl and ceramic tile
    2-fold concentrated hard floor cleaning machine; Equivalent to 2 liters
    Tested under laboratory conditions and classified as safe for use on hard floor surfaces, including linoleum, vinyl & ceramic tile

    חומר לניקוי רצפות למכשיר ביסל 1788L

    €19.99 / 79.95 ₪
    1 ליטר

    Bissell 1866F Crosswave replacement filter, washable

    €9.90 / 39.59 ₪ €13.98 / 55.91 ₪

    Washable replacement filter for the Bissell Crosswave
    Easy to use and replaceable
    Can be cleaned separately

    BISSELL 20522 מנקה רצפות

    €159.00 / 635.89 ₪ €158.00 / 631.89 ₪

    No more cleaning on your hands and knees or with a cumbersome mop and bucket: Spinwave does the wiping and polishing of your floors for you.
    On-Demand Sprayer controls the amount of cleaning solution you spray on your sensitive hardwood floors .
    Panning Control: Easily maneuver your Spinwave over your floors.
    Easily fill the solution tank.
    2 sets of Washable Spin Pads: Soft pads for daily cleaning and Scrubby Pads for stubborn, sticky dirt.

    שואב אבק ביסל 3 ב-1 (במיוחד מותאם לחיות מחמד)

    €349.99 / 1399.72 ₪
    2225N מספר מודל 5.2 ק״ג 23 x 30 x 116.8 ס״מ 1.44 ליטר 560 וואט

    מברשת לשואב אבק ביסל

    €12.98 / 51.91 ₪

    For use with the BISSELL Crosswave 3-in-1 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
    This brush roll has microfiber bristles that wipe floors while gently removing dirt from hard floors
    Suitable for wood floors
    Easy to clean and replace
    Can be cleaned by hand with the help of tap water and detergent

    חומר ניקוי ביסל

    €17.98 / 71.91 ₪

    Concentrated Cleaner for Your Crosswave Pet Pro, Crosswave or Spinwave Removes embedded dirt, mud, paw prints and other pet dirt; leaves no streaks; Brings fresh scent to your home
    Removes Febreze-freshening odors: The contained molecules capture and bind volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating odors and refreshing the entire room during cleaning
    Multi-surface cleaners for Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Laminate and Carpets (Rugs only in combination with Crosswave or Crosswave Pet Pro - Spinwave is only for hard floors)
    BISSELL Pet Multi-Surface Cleaner contains no heavy metals, phosphates or coloring ingredients and is safe to use in your family or pet household as well as for the environment


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