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    800 ° high-performance grill Top heat grill stainless steel incl. Grill grid Gastro cupboard Protective drawer Piezo ignition

    €299.00 / 1273.86 ₪

    800 degree high-performance grill Ceramic burner made of stainless steel incl. electric igniter (battery is required)
    incl. Gastro tray (flat) - absorbs the meat juice for sauces - protective drawer (removable) - removable grate holder (8 insert heights) - gas hose (1m length)
    Multiple stakes for different uses
    Your steaks will be a treat the high - performance burner - crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside
    Drip protection - drawer pull - out on the bottom of the barbecue
    משקל: 15.00 ק"ג
    עלות משלוח לפריט: €39.00 / 166.16 ₪

    כל ק"ג נוסף בעלות של 1.5 אירו לקילוגרם בלבד
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    €14.99 / 63.86 ₪
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