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    Knorr Salatkrönung Garden Herbs 500 g, 1 Pack (1 x 0.5 kg)

    €12.98 / 51.32 ₪
    Products for the professional kitchen - Inspired by cooks for chefs Knorr salad coronation with garden herbs for authentic taste Thanks to the quick preparation of the dry mix, a delicious salad dressing can be done in no time at all Flexible basis for individual dressings, eg with yoghurt or fruit juice The all-rounder - suitable for salad dressing, marinades as well as dips The prepared dressing remains stable for several hours without separation of oil and water Vegan base for a clear dressing, no gluten-containing ingredients according to recipe

    Knorr seasoning Aromat Universal, pack of 3 (3 x 100 g) by Knorr

    €6.86 / 27.13 ₪
    Refined blend of herbs and spices

    Knorr cream sauce for 1.75l 238g

    €3.87 / 15.30 ₪

    Knorr Feinschmecker Hollandaise low-fat sauce 250 ml

    €0.89 / 3.52 ₪

    Knorr Fix herbal cream chicken 3 portions

    €4.78 / 18.90 ₪

    Knorr Fix Herb Cream Chicken for 3 servings
    for a spicy-creamy cream sauce
    with sustainably grown ingredients
    No flavor-enhancing additives and no dyes
    quick and easy preparation < br /> succeeds and ensures full enjoyment

    Knorr Fix Herbal Cream Schnitzel 47g

    €1.03 / 4.07 ₪

    Knorr Fix Salmon Cream Gratin, 9-pack (9 x 2 portions)

    €7.05 / 27.88 ₪

    Naturally without flavor enhancers
    Naturally without preservatives
    Naturally without dyes
    Good taste is our nature
    Fish from the oven! Enjoy juicy salmon fillet in a spicy-creamy fresh cream sauce.
    WITHOUT flavor enhancing additives
    WITHOUT dyes

    קנור תבלון לסלט

    €5.79 / 22.89 ₪

    With KNORR Salad Coring Vinaigrette 7-herbs simply and quickly create a delicious salad dressing
    With herbs from sustainable cultivation
    perfectly matched herbs refine each salad
    without dyes and flavor-enhancing additives
    easy to prepare: Mix some water and oil with KNORR Salatkroenung, done!

    Knorr Salatkrönung dry 7 herbs for 450ml 40g

    €1.19 / 4.71 ₪

    Knorr Sauce Hollandaise, 250 ml

    €4.09 / 16.17 ₪


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