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    Cheerfulus 12V DC Warm White 10W LED Wall Spotlight Floodlight IP65 Outdoor Floodlight Bulb 2800-3500K [Energy Class A+]

    €39.50 / 152.34 ₪
    Colour temperature: warm white (2800-3500 K); light intensity (IV): 700 lm. Product dimensions (L x W x H): 95 mm x 84 mm x 48 mm. Product colour: silver. Perfect case: Shell takes the casting aluminium alloy, brings good heat dissipation performance, waterproof effect. Waterproof IP65 ideal for facades, playground, garden, buildings, piazza, football field halls, large houses, theatres, playgrounds and stadiums, etc. LED lighting creates a healthy life there is no radiation, flash frequency and flare. It is made with the high lumens LED chips.

    נורה מעוצבת חסכונית של חברת איגלו

    €8.99 / 34.67 ₪
    חוזק: 60 וואט E27. צבע: לבן חם. 260 LM.

    מנורות מעוצבות דגם בונארס 1 של החברה האוסטרית איגלו

    €39.99 / 154.23 ₪
    פירוט על הדגמים בתמונת המוצר.

    מנורות לאי מסדרת וינטאג של חברת איגלו האוסטרית

    €42.99 / 165.80 ₪
    בשלושה צבעים לבחירה.

    מנורות מעוצבות דגם אמונד של החברה האוסטרית איגלו

    €47.99 / 185.08 ₪
    פירוט על הדגמים בתמונת המוצר.

    מנורות מעוצבות דגם לונזסו של החברה האוסטרית איגלו

    €122.99 / 474.34 ₪
    פירוט על הדגמים בתמונת המוצר.

    מנורות מעוצבות דגם מסארלו של החברה האוסטרית איגלו

    €37.99 / 146.52 ₪
    פירוט על הדגמים בתמונת המוצר.

    Fermob Balad Mobile LED Light with Battery Diameter 19 cm Height 25 cm [Energy Class A++]

    €89.90 / 346.72 ₪
    Diameter 19 cm Height 25 cm [Energy Class A++]

    Feuerhand Sturmlaterne 276

    €22.89 / 88.28 ₪

    Glw LED Outdoor Light, 10 W led floodlight spotlight warm white IP65 Waterproof LED Flood Light for Garden Yard Dock without Plug Pack of 2 [Energy Class A++]

    €18.98 / 73.20 ₪
    Safety: 12 volts for AC & DC voltage very safe to use and installation. Effective Output Output up to 10 W and the floodlight with 1600 Lumens Day White Bright enough. Equivalent to 50 W Halogen. You will meet your demand for outdoor lighting. .Waterproof: IP65 rating, which means that it indoor as well as outdoors, such as bearings, garage, garden, garden, billboard, display lighting, can be used wall lights, etc. second popular. Please note that the lights do not can be used in water. Flexible installation – Come with a yoke style arm, mount the monitor in landscape or portrait orientation, easy fit for the beam angle. It can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall and the on the bottom. The lamp body is 150 ° adjustable. Lifespan: The LED work light improved radiator design, with additional dedicated cool parts, effectively prolongs the life of the lamp for up to 30000 hours.

    Le 10 W, 800lm Flood Light IP65 Waterproof Warm White LED Flood Light/LED Outdoor Lights LED Floodlight Spotlight Headlight [Energy Class A+]

    €12.98 / 50.06 ₪
    Bright and energy saving: 800 lumen, great replacement for 100 W traditional halogen flood light, saving over 85% on electricity bill. Wide beam angle: 100 ° beam angle, Shadow and light cover gives even warm white light. Flexible installation and use: with the metal backing plate can be mounted the lamp, set in the ceiling, on the wall or on the bottom. Robust, die-cast aluminium and hard glass prevent the Überhitzung. Multifunctional: can be used with the protection class IP65 can be the adjustable, Flood Light for Indoor and Outdoor Usage.

    Master Light and Dark Edition Set of 3 [Energy Class A+] by Buchenbusch urban design

    €299.00 / 1153.15 ₪

    אורסם נורת לד עם אור נר רך

    €10.51 / 40.53 ₪

    Pendant lamp pendant light pendant light Height Adjustable Modern Design Wooden G4 for Dining Room, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Dining Table White 6000 K

    €99.99 / 385.63 ₪
    The pendant lamp is made of acrylic + natural wood shade, soft light protects the eyes. Elegant and elegant matchstick-shaped ceiling light, could create a romantic and comfortable atmosphere, has a very good decorative effect. Height adjustable: The pendant lamp can be adjusted individually according to your own requirements in pendulum length maximum 100cm. Light source: G4, power consumption: 5 x 3 watts, uniform lighting, beautiful and practical, healthy for the eyes. Dimensions: 55 (L) * 8 (W) * 30 (H) cm, Voltage: 220V, Color: Warm white, Color temperature: 2700K.

    סט 2 מנורות וינטיג תעשייתיות קוטר 30 ס"מ 60 וואט רטרו בצבע שחור

    €39.99 / 154.23 ₪

    ELEGANCE - The elegant pendant lamp in industrial vintage design as a 2-pack gives your rooms a special touch. The design is elegant and modern.
    AMBIENTE - Whether as a living room lamp, dining table lamp or over a counter in a bar - the black hemispherical hanging lamps create a pleasant atmosphere.
    ROBUST AND PRACTICAL - The pendant lamps are metal manufactured. The inside is in a golden look and for E27 bulbs with max. 60 watts designed. (Not included)
    GOOD TO KNOW - Through the cable, the ceiling light reaches a total length of 160cm, the pure cable length is 140cm. The diameter of a vintage lamp is 300mm.
    CUSTOMER SERVICE - The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us - if you have problems or comments, we look forward to hearing from you.

    ספוט פיליפס RS060B LED5-36- / 830 PSR II WH

    €18.50 / 71.35 ₪

    ספוט פיליפס RS061B LED5-36- / 830 PSR II WH

    €20.35 / 78.48 ₪

    אהיל פיליפס סופיה

    €25.50 / 98.35 ₪
    1x23W 717510616

    פיליפס אהיל מטוסי דיסני

    €42.47 / 163.79 ₪
    Philips Disney Planes

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