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    €136.09 / 528.53 ₪

    The Apollo spacecraft consists of the Lunar Orbiter and the Lunar Orbiter.
    Also included are 3 new astronaut microfigures coming out in June 2017.
    A great exhibit and a fantastic model to show off Include a booklet about the Apollo manned Apollo missions and the fandom designers of this set.
    Contains a meter-high model (approximately 1: 110 scale) of the NASA Apollo Saturn V. The detachable first Rocket stage "S-IC" has a faithfully reproduced main engine. Also the also separable second stage "S-II" has a detailed rocket engine. In the rocket tip, the third detachable stage "S-IVB", the Apollo spacecraft and the rescue rocket are housed. The set also includes 3 frames to present the model horizontally.
    משקל: 2.95 ק"ג
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