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    Karcher מכשיר לניקוי ריצוף בצורה יסודית Karcher FC 5 Premium

    €203.99 / 825.73 ₪
    2-in-1 פונקציה של ניקוי הרצפה בצורה יסודית FC 5 מנקה גם עפר רטוב ויבש. יחסוך לך את הטרחה של לאלץ את העיניים שלך - וניגוב הוא יותר מאמץ, יסודי יותר מהר יותר מאשר אי פעם. גלילי המיקרו-פיבר המסתובבים באופן אוטומטי סופגים את הלכלוך ובאותו זמן נשאבים ברציפו. פונקציה של ניקוי עצמי שומרת על הגלילים טריים ומוכנים לשימוש בכל עת. מנקה הרצפה קשה מספק טיעונים משכנע עוד יותר: בהשוואה לשיטות קונבנציונאלי, FC 5 חוסך עד 85 אחוזים של מים. בנוסף מציעה ניקיון טוב יותר של מעץ, אבן או פלסטיק. כולל 2 גלגלים וחומר נוזל ניקוי 30 מ"ל.

    1700W Miter Saw with Φ305 mm Saw Blade, Tacklife PMS03A 3800RPM Chop Saw Adjustable Cutting Angle -45 ° / 0 ° / + 45 ° Adjustable counterclockwise base 45 ° with a 40T blade for cutting wood

    €193.99 / 785.25 ₪

    MAXIMUM CUTTING CAPACITY AND DUST BLOWER: The miter saw has a maximum cutting capacity of 0 ° x0 ° -105x335mm, 0 ° x45 ° (L) -60x335mm, 0 ° x45 ° (R) -35mmx335mm; 45 ° × 0 ° -105 × 235 mm, 45 ° × 45 ° (L) -60 × 235 mm, 45 ° × 45 ° (R) -35 × 235 mm; Includes a dust blower that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner that keeps the sawdust clean.
    3800 RPM AND 1700W RIGID ENGINE: The miter saw with 1700W lever provides high efficiency, high speed (3800 RPM), which is the most efficient Cut, make fast and wide; It is easy to cut wood, soft metal, plastic etc.
    LASER GUIDANCE AND ACCURATE SETTING: The laser guided with the ruler makes the cut straight and professional; no need for battery, once the saw is turned on, you can freely control the laser switch on the handle. The cutting angle can be easily adjusted from left 45 ° to right 45
    SAFETY AND BETTER OPERATION: The locking device secures the machine head in a lower position to work for safety; Large table for better material support with vice clamping system for securing the workpiece; Precise scale marks from left 45 ° to right 45 °, so you have more options for cutting
    PACKAGING AND SERVICE: 1x Tacklife PMS03A miter saw, 1x 40T saw blade for wood, 2x Allen key, 1x dust bag, 1x clamping device, 2x side support, 1x User manual, 1x 24 month warranty card

    ארגז כלי עבודה בוש

    €54.94 / 222.39 ₪
    2 קומות 1600 A001SB 53 2608438063 1600 A001RV רוחב 367 מ"מ עומק 312 מ"מ גובה 53 מ"מ

    Battery suitable for Karcher battery box K55 battery 4.070-696 with housing 3000mAh

    €27.99 / 113.30 ₪
    Battery sutiable for Broom K55 4.070-696

    3.9 x 25 ברגים למברגת גבס של בוש

    €123.76 / 500.97 ₪

    Size: 3.9 x 25 mm coarse thread Surface: black, phosphated
    Drive: PH2
    Norm: DIN

    Bessey UK16 UniKlamp UK 160/80

    €20.00 / 80.96 ₪

    Original Bessey Model: UK16
    Bessey, just better
    durable and sturdy


    €76.99 / 311.65 ₪

    The cordless hedge trimmer provides high comfort, ideal for cutting medium to large hedges and effortlessly cuts even hard and thick branches
    The hedges scissors are characterized by the angled tooth geometry and the specially coated ones Surface off - for a thorough cutting performance and durability of the knives
    E-Drive technology: Input power is absorbed by the high performance motor with flywheel, accelerated and stored kinetic energy - for extreme power for cutting thick branches
    High flexibility: through Wireless handling eliminates the risk of cable breakage, and the handle bar provides ease of use with optimum control

    Bosch 0242245576 Spark Plug

    €9.24 / 37.40 ₪
    Quality that sets standards: spark plugs from Bosch
    - high performance and reliability
    - optimally matched to the requirements of the respective engine 0.8 x 1 x 3.3 cm

    Bosch 061191000D Cordless hammer drill ProCORE GBH 18V-26F SDS plus 2x7.0 Ah-L-Boxx, 1W, 18V

    €451.00 / 1825.60 ₪

    More power, more comfort and less dust.
    50 percent more power with the power of a wired device for fast and flexible work (compared to the GBH 18 V-EC).
    Drilling without dust with the new integrated and optional dust extractor GDE 18V-16. Brushless EC motor: compact, dust-proof, light and absolutely maintenance-free.

    סוללה נטענת של בוש PBA 18V

    €45.00 / 182.16 ₪

    Bosch DIY replacement battery - always ready for use thanks to lithium-ion technology
    Battery is only compatible with the DIY quick charger AL 1830 CV (Article No.:1 600 A00 5B3)
    Longer battery life thanks to 2.5 Ah battery capacity
    No memory effect with frequent partial discharge: battery always provides the original amount of energy available; The battery is protected against overloading, overheating and deep discharge thanks to Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). Scope of delivery: Replacement battery PBA 18 Volt

    מברג Bosch

    €18.38 / 74.40 ₪

    The 43-piece S2-modified steel screwdriver bits are exceptionally hard and are compatible with Bosch and other power tools.

    Bosch 2607017195 Drill Bit and Screwdriver

    €36.60 / 148.15 ₪
    Bosch 91 pcs. Drill Bit and Bit Set V-Line Box (wood, stone and metal, accessories for drilling and screwing tools)

    מלטשת אקצנטרית בוש PEX 220 A

    €48.90 / 197.94 ₪
    34.7 x 7 x 22 ס״מ

    Bosch battery multi-sander PSM 18 LI (1 battery, 18 volt system, in case)

    €109.99 / 445.23 ₪ €149.99 / 607.14 ₪

    Battery-powered multi-sander PSM 18 LI with battery - powerful, compact and wireless all-rounder
    Perfect grinding - even in hard-to-reach places
    Enables clean work because the built-in micro-filter system> 80% of the dust in The microfilter box collects
    2.5 Ah battery is ready for use within 40 minutes thanks to included fast charger
    Syneon Chip - Intelligently controlled energy for optimum power and maximum endurance for every project

    Bosch Blue + GST ​​12 V-70, cordless jigsaw, 0.601.5A1.001

    €83.50 / 338.00 ₪

    Extremely light and yet powerful. Ideal for daily use
    Extremely compact, lightweight cordless jigsaw for perfect handling and cornering performance
    Highest performance: fast sawing progress and long battery life
    Gripping position extremely close to the cutting line, so that particularly precise cuts are possible are

    מסור בוש PCM 8

    €148.00 / 599.09 ₪
    0603B10000 מספר דגם 7.9 ק״ג 53.6 x 37.4 x 32.4 ס״מ PCM 8 1200 וואט

    18v דיסק חיתוך בוש

    €200.48 / 811.52 ₪
    מספר דגם 06019G3E02

    Bosch cordless hammer drill GBH 18V-26 F Professional, 18Volt

    €444.89 / 1800.87 ₪
    MODEL: 0615990K7Z

    בוש מכונת קפה CTL636EB1

    €1499.00 / 6067.80 ₪

    Type: Built-in
    Product type: Espresso machine
    Color of product: Black
    Housing material: Stainless steel
    Steam line

    בוש מכונת קפה CTL636EB6

    €1155.00 / 4675.32 ₪

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