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    - Baby Short Sleeve Shirt - Organic Cotton

    €5.00 / 19.17 ₪

    אריזה של 5 בגדי גוף לתינוקות

    €9.00 / 34.50 ₪
    Product description Practical multipack with cute designs: The long-sleeved baby bodysuits form the perfect basis for sweet looks 5 parts 1 price Snap button strip in the crotch section Neckline: Envelope neckline / slip collar Sleeve length: Long-sleeved Closure: With push button Design: Printed Collection: #BESTDEAL collection

    חליפה סט לבנים 2 חלקים

    €14.90 / 57.11 ₪

    חליפה סט לבנים 3 חלקים

    €14.90 / 57.11 ₪

    חליפה סט לבנים 3 חלקים

    €8.00 / 30.67 ₪

    חליפה סט לבנות 2 חלקים

    €12.90 / 49.45 ₪

    חליפה סט לבנות 3 חלקים

    €24.90 / 95.45 ₪

    Baby Outfit - Organic Cotton - 2 Pieces

    €9.00 / 34.50 ₪

    סיר גמילה צבעוני- של חברת 'נוק'

    €6.95 / 26.64 ₪
    מושב רחב במיוחד לנוחיות מירבית, שלושה צבעים לבחירה

    סיר גמילה עם הגה- אדום

    €12.99 / 49.79 ₪
    לגילאי שנה וחצי ומעלה

    סוודר לתינוקות

    €12.90 / 49.45 ₪
    100% כותנה

    מגבוני טישו לעור רגיש 12*80 יחידות

    €41.40 / 158.69 ₪
    960 יחידות. מגבוני לחות רגישים של Babylove מציע ניקוי עדין ומזין מאוד לעור התינוק הרגיש. קרם עדין עם דטרגנטים צמחיים טהורים מספק לחות ומשפר את מצב העור של התינוק. רקמות רטובות נבדקות ואושרו על ידי אלרגיה גרמניה אסטמה האגודה.

    Disana woll leggins

    €22.99 / 88.13 ₪ €24.99 / 95.79 ₪
    These knitted Merino wool trousers are ideal for young babies and busy toddlers, and for keeping children's longer legs warm too. soft very flexible - lets your little one move freely 100% organic Merino wool gentle around the tummy with the nurturing warmth of wool Note: sizing recommendations have been adjusted for a better fit.

    Disana wool diaper pants

    €14.99 / 57.46 ₪
    Made of extra fine, soft, double-knitted Merino wool, the wool diapers are ideal for very small children. Their high knitted cuffs not only ensure that nothing runs out. Also it keeps baby's tummy warm.

    Hu-da Contoured Hemp Inserts

    החל מ €10.90 / 41.78 ₪
    Pack of 2

    Hu-da One-Size-Diaper 2.0

    החל מ €20.80 / 79.73 ₪
    Pay Attention: discount for quantities!
    Made out of bamboo fiber. Very highly absorbent which remains beautifully soft, even with very hard water.
    Weight 3.5kg - 16kg Depending on the stature of the child, the size is set by press studs on the front. Soft rubber boots on back and legs.

    Material Composition: 67% bamboo fiber cell fiber 27% cotton, organic 6% elastane

    hu-da overtrousers of snuggly fleece

    €17.30 / 66.31 ₪
    hu-da Overtrousers of snuggly fleece "Robbi Robot" for cloth diaper

    Petit Lulu Fitted Nappies Size 2 (Snaps) - 6 Pack

    €113.40 / 434.68 ₪
    6 Petit Lulu fitted nappies size 2 (snaps) 4-15kg

    Petit Lulu Fitted Nappy Size 2 (4-15kg) - Snaps

    €21.90 / 83.95 ₪
    Size 2: Fits babies from 4-15kg
    Snap closures
    Nappy includes a long snap-in insert + stay dry liner
    Needs a waterproof cover
    The wonderful fitted nappies from Petit Lulu are not only beautiful to look at and soft to the touch, but are also very absorbent and lovingly hand-made in the Czech Republic. The fitted nappies consists of an eye-catching cotton print on the outside and inner layers made from organic cotton and bamboo. In addition to a long snap-in bamboo/organic cotton insert inside, every nappy comes with its own stay dry liner for added comfort for your baby. The cute yet practical ruffled design of the leg elastics do not have hard or tight edges, meaning they do not leave red marks on baby's delicate skin. The Petit Lulu nappies need to be worn with a waterproof cover, such as Petit Lulu, Hu-Da or Capri, and make an ideal two-part system for during the day.

    Petit Lulu Nappy Cover Size 1 (2-6kg)

    €16.90 / 64.78 ₪
    Soft fleece leg elastics
    Ideal for fitted nappies
    The Petit Lulu nappy cover is the perfect partner for the Petit Lulu fiited nappies in size 1 or other fitteds like the TotsBots Bamboozle, Hu-Da Bamboo or Hu-Da Bio-Velour which require a warerproof cover. A special feature of this cover is the fleece trim around the entire edge of the nappy which avoids red marks and is especially comfortable for your baby. The Petit Lulu covers are high quality products lovingly made in the Czech Republic. Wash up to 60 degrees. 100% Polyester

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