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    ברז מעוצב למטבח במראה תעשייתי שניתן לשנות בין זרמי מים (לחץ נמוך וגבוה) בצבע כרום של חברת Blanco דגם: 517597

    €287.00 / 1205.72 ₪
    Blanco Culina-S Switchable single lever mixer tap in professional style / Flexible shower hose in chrome / high pressure

    Corelle סט כלים לבן

    €90.99 / 382.26 ₪
    סטל כלים ערוחת ערב ל6 סועדים .כולל 18 יחדות . כלים עמידים חזקים לא נשברים מתאים לשימוש במיקרו

    חומר לניקוי ברזים 48166 של חברת גרואה

    €14.80 / 62.18 ₪
    500 מ"ל

    ברז למטבח מונו דגם 1480300 Hansgrohe

    €170.31 / 715.49 ₪

    Size: XL; Kitchen faucet, in noble design, large height under the spout and with pull-out spray that extracts itself and recovers to keep fluid.
    Hansgrohe: quality, design and innovation since 1901
    Swivel spout 150 °, for a large Freedom of movement and ideal for your gestures in the kitchen Two nozzles offering different uses: A standard jet (10 l / min) for washing hands or filling containers, a shower rain (6L / min) for washing without Shedding Two speeds: Eco aerator and normal. One-lane for a half-time (the opening of the flow rate sets the speed adjustable to the mode Eco ,, reach can make up to 50% water-saving
    Ergonomic handle designed specifically for the handles in the kitchen, and thus good in the hand
    Easy installation, installation instructions and flexible connection hoses included
    Universal, compatible with all types of instantaneous water heaters
    Suitable for installation near a wall: opening angle of flow handle 90 °
    Full warranty of 5 years, the German quality invites you in their kitchen.

    ברז מטבח נוח וגבוה 200 מ"מ עם מזלף נשלף טליס אס של חברת Hansgrohe מדגם 72813000

    €224.99 / 945.21 ₪

    All-round comfort: Movable spout with a swiveling range of 110 ° and 150 ° for more freedom of movement in the kitchen
    Kitchen fitting consisting of: body, handle, connecting hoses, aerator and ceramic cartridge, pull-out spray
    Enjoy in your kitchen, the cooking and rinsing with comfortable freedom of movement - through the practical pull-out spray with about 50 cm.
    Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 years for sale and shipment through Amazon. For sale and shipment by a third party, the information of the respective seller apply. Detailed warranty conditions can be found under "Further technical information" on this page, please click on "Warranty information".

    ברז מטבח עם מים חמים Quooker Flex PRO3-VAQ B

    €1295.00 / 5440.42 ₪

    permanently warm & 100 ° C boiling water - straight from the tap, immediately & without waiting
    versatile: e.g. for tea, coffee & noodle water or to sterilize baby bottles
    up to 55% more economical than an average boiler and much more efficient than a kettle
    particularly space-saving: boiling water tap and mixer tap in one device
    with flexible pull-out spout for cold & warm water

    Grohe BauEdge sink mixer chrome 31367000

    €61.99 / 260.43 ₪
    Article number: 31367000 Version: chrome

    Grohe BauFlow single lever kitchen mixer, high spout 31538000

    €81.99 / 344.45 ₪
    Article number: 31538000

    Grohe BauLoop single lever sink mixer 31368000

    €64.99 / 273.03 ₪
    Article number: 31368000

    Grohe Blue Home DUO Starter Kit with single-lever sink mixer, C-spout chrome 31455000

    €1031.99 / 4335.49 ₪
    Article number: 31455000 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Minta Pure Starter Kit chrome 31345002

    €447.99 / 1882.05 ₪
    Article number: 31345002 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Mono Pure Starter Kit chrome 31301001

    €346.99 / 1457.74 ₪
    Article number: 31301001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Professional K7 starter kit chrome 31346001

    €1448.99 / 6087.35 ₪
    Article number: 31346001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Professional Minta Starter Kit chrome 31347002

    €1448.99 / 6087.35 ₪
    Article number: 31347002 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Professional Starter Kit with single-lever sink mixer, U-Spout chrome 31324001

    €1358.99 / 5709.25 ₪
    Article number: 31324001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Professional Starter Kit, C-spout chrome 31323001

    €1335.99 / 5612.63 ₪
    Article number: 31323001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Pure Starter Kit, C-spout chrome 33249001

    €387.99 / 1629.98 ₪
    Article number: 33249001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Blue Pure Starter Kit, U-Spout chrome 31299001

    €387.99 / 1629.98 ₪
    Article number: 31299001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Concetto single lever kitchen mixer chrome 31128001

    €113.99 / 478.88 ₪
    Article number: 31128001 Version: chrome

    Grohe Concetto single lever kitchen mixer chrome 31129001

    €134.99 / 567.11 ₪
    Article number: 31129001 Version: chrome

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