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    ראש סחבה למגב

    €13.93 / 58.13 ₪
    החלפת ראש עבור Active Twist Disc Mop 52019 אידיאלי לניקוי אריחים ורצפות אבן סיבים משובחים מגיעים אל הרצפה מחיר לשתי יחידות

    ברז גרואה 31491000

    €245.66 / 1025.16 ₪

    חטיפים לכלבים

    €5.89 / 24.58 ₪
    חטיף לכלב קטן.מארז 3*3*12.5ס"מ

    Kärcher מטען BC Adv 220-240V

    €91.25 / 380.80 ₪
    קיבולת: מקסימום. 550 מתח הפעלה 230V זמן טעינה 30 דקות

    Power Core Series External Battery

    €39.99 / 166.88 ₪
    שָׁחוֹר מידות פריט 5.8 x 16.6 x 2.2 ס"מ גודל 20100mAh

    מקרר אינטגרלי סימנס KI42FP60

    €1308.00 / 5458.41 ₪
    Comfort and safety TouchControl Electronic temperature control via LED readable Acoustic door alarm superCooling Defrosting automatic in the refrigerator compartment Door hinged right, changeable Cooling compartment Cooling room: 225 l Net capacity (+ 3 ° C to + 8 ° C) AirFreshFilter Side LED lighting 3 height adjustable shelves made of safety glass, of which 4 storage drawers with telescopic extension 1 DividerBox bottle shelf 1 door rack high, 3 easyLift steplessly adjustable and 1 butter / cheese compartment Fresh-keeping system Net capacity near 0 ° C: 77 l 1 hyperFresh premium 0 ° C Box - keeps fruits and vegetables fresh up to 3x longer 2 hyperFresh premium 0 ° C boxes - keeps fish and meat up to 3x longer fresh on telescopic extension Dimensions Niche dimensions (H x W x D): 177.5 cm x 56.0 cm x 55.0 cm Device dimensions (H x W x D) :177.2 cm x 55.6 cm x 54.5 cm Accessories 2 x egg tray

    מגירות אחסון על גלגלים

    €96.99 / 404.75 ₪
    Total dimensions(LxWxH):69 x 33 x 79cm Dimension drawers (LxWxH): 51 x 29 x 10 cm Dimensions shelf space (LxW): 61 x 32 cm Load capacity: 150 kg Material: surface powder-coated steel, steel, plastic rollers

    Scheppach HS100S שולחן מסור

    €149.00 / 621.79 ₪

    Powerful: The saw has a powerful 2000 W motor that can handle even thicker and harder woods.
    Wobble-free operation: The right and left extendable table extensions and the solid base ensure high stability, too When processing large workpieces
    Safe working: To ensure the safety of the user, the saw is equipped with a saw blade guard. Thanks to the push stick the fingers have enough distance to the saw blade.
    User-friendly: The swivel range can be adjusted with one hand under the handle.
    Scope of supply: 1x Scheppach table saw HS100S, 1x HW saw blade 250 mm, 1x Saw blade guard, 1x cross-cut gauge, 1x longitudinal stop, 1x push stick

    סוללות נטענות +GP ReCyko

    €10.69 / 44.61 ₪
    מארז 4 סוללות נטענות AA (AA, Mignon, HR 06, NiMH, 1,2V)

    2 יחידות מדפים למזווה או מחסן לאחסון דברים כבדים עשוי מדפי עץ

    €51.90 / 216.58 ₪
    סט של 2 מדפי אחסון 180x90x40cm / 875kg קיבולת עומס לכל מדף / 175kg לכל קומה / יציבה עשויה MDF

    אטבי כביסה 24 יחידות

    €1.95 / 8.14 ₪

    2Pcs 24oz Mug & Lid Replacement Set, Fit for Nutri Ninja Auto IQ and Duo Blenders, BL480, BL490, BL640, and BL680

    €31.99 / 133.50 ₪
    Safe and eco-friendly: Mug made of high quality BPA-free plastic and dishwasher safe. 24oz. Replacement Cup: Contains two 24 oz cups and two Sip & Seal lids to enjoy the drinks anytime. Simple Use: Simply attach Pro Extractor Blades (not included). The Pro Extractor Blades can shred whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and ice.
    Premium Replacement Parts: Suitable for Nutri Ninja Blenders Model BL450, BL451, BL484, BL486CO, BL480, BL481, BL482, BL483, BL484-30, BL487 BL487 BL488 BL490 BL491 BL492 BL492W, BL680A BL682, Nutri Ninja Single Portioner with Auto IQ Model
    Incompatible: These mugs DO NOT fit to follow Model Number Mixers: BL660 (1100 Watt), BL663 (1100 Watt), BL740, BL770 BL771 BL772 (1500 watts), BL780 (1200 watts), BL810 BL820 BL830.

    פילטר למכונת קפה 4 יחידות

    €27.90 / 116.43 ₪

    ✅ BENEFITS: Improving water quality for a delicious coffee flavor. Lower calcification of coffee machines for a longer life of your coffee and espresso machine.
    ✅ COMPATIBILITY: See below in the product description! - Not compatible with all water tank connections.
    ✅ HIGH-QUALITY FILTER GRANULATE in our Aquatec filter cartridge made of anti-bacterial activated carbon and high-performance ion exchangers.
    ✅ USE: Maximum use of the filter cartridge for 50 liters (400 cups), almost indefinitely stable at room temperature ,

    6 כוסות לקפוצינו, קפה או תה בתוספת 6 כפיות

    €18.29 / 76.33 ₪
    6 כוסות אופנתיות (250 מ"ל) עם ידית ו -6 כפות נירוסטה נפח: כ. 250 מ"ל גובה: 10 ס"מ קוטר 8 ס"מ צבע: בטוח למדיח תוצרת האיחוד האירופי היקף משלוח: 6 כוסות קפוצ'ינו ו 6 כפות.

    800 ° high-performance grill Top heat grill stainless steel incl. Grill grid Gastro cupboard Protective drawer Piezo ignition

    €299.00 / 1247.76 ₪

    800 degree high-performance grill Ceramic burner made of stainless steel incl. electric igniter (battery is required)
    incl. Gastro tray (flat) - absorbs the meat juice for sauces - protective drawer (removable) - removable grate holder (8 insert heights) - gas hose (1m length)
    Multiple stakes for different uses
    Your steaks will be a treat the high - performance burner - crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside
    Drip protection - drawer pull - out on the bottom of the barbecue

    טוסטר מורפי ריצ'רדס שחור בשילוב רוז

    €77.99 / 325.46 ₪
    Maximum Performance: 1800 watts Number of slots: 4 Number of slices: 4 adjustable browning levels: Variable DOMESTIC EQUIPMENTS defrost: Yes Reheating function: Yes Lift system: Yes Manual stop button: Yes Crumbs header: Yes Special features: Tanning settings, removable crumb tray, lighted switches POWER SUPPLY Input voltage: 220 volts GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Housing material: aluminum Width: 290 mm Height: 210 mm Depth: 250 mm

    מקציף נספרסו אירוצינו 4

    €79.99 / 333.81 ₪ €69.99 / 292.08 ₪

    מקציף נספרסו אירוצינו 3 לבן

    €55.99 / 233.65 ₪ €69.99 / 292.08 ₪

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