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    Royal Canin Persian Adult

    €29.98 / 119.08 ₪
    A long, gorgeous coat with a dense undercoat is the trademark of the Persian cat. Healthy long hair An exclusive complex of nutrients helps to support the barrier function of the skin and keep it healthy. Promotes a nice coat. Enriched with omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Reduced hairball formation Selected dietary fibers (including psyllium rich in vegetable swelling) can help to promote intestinal transit and excretion of skinned hair and naturally counteract the formation of hairballs. Healthy digestion Highly digestible proteins (LIP *) and prebiotic fibers help to promote a balanced intestinal flora. * LIP: proteins selected for their high digestibility Healthy urinary tract Thanks to a balanced mineral content it can help to support the catarrh function of the cat. Specially adapted to the pine croquette This specially designed, almond-shaped croquette with an optimized contact surface makes it easier for the Persian cat to eat and chew.

    Royal Canin Renal Special Cat Dry Food - In chronic renal failure RSF 26 ת4kg

    €33.89 / 134.61 ₪
    Royal Canin Renal Special cat food is a dry food for adult cats with chronic kidney failure.

    Royal Canin

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