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    Bayer Seresto collar for dogs

    €30.63 / 122.16 ₪
    application For dogs field of use skin complaint against fleas, against hair pieces, against ticks

    Bissell 2550 Multi-Surface Pet Cleaner with Febreze Fragrance, Specially Designed for Pet Dirt, for Crosswave, Crosswave Pet Pro and Spinwave, 1 x 1 L

    €17.98 / 71.71 ₪

    Concentrated Cleaner for Your Crosswave Pet Pro, Crosswave or Spinwave Removes embedded dirt, mud, paw prints and other pet dirt; leaves no streaks; Brings fresh scent to your home
    Removes Febreze-freshening odors: The contained molecules capture and bind volatile hydrocarbons, eliminating odors and refreshing the entire room during cleaning
    Multi-surface cleaners for Hardwood Floors, Tiles, Laminate and Carpets (Rugs only in combination with Crosswave or Crosswave Pet Pro - Spinwave is only for hard floors)
    BISSELL Pet Multi-Surface Cleaner contains no heavy metals, phosphates or coloring ingredients and is safe to use in your family or pet household as well as for the environment

    bosch biscuit lamb & rice

    €16.59 / 66.16 ₪
    5 Kg

    Canina Biotin Forte Tablets for dogs, 1 Pack (1 x 2 kg)

    €124.90 / 498.11 ₪
    with a natural vitamin B content
    Biotin for healthy skin, crusty coat, optimal pigmentation & solid claws
    biotin content per kg 1500mg

    Canina Canhydrox GAG Tablets, 2 kg

    €167.70 / 668.80 ₪
    especially for large and heavy breeds
    provides for the supply of connective tissue, joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and teeth.
    Training of a strong dentition
    Training of a stable skeleton

    CEVA cle06800 clenz-a Dent ProDen PlaqueOff Oral Health Flakes, for dogs and cats

    €24.40 / 97.31 ₪
    Noticeable results within three to eight weeks
    Helps clean teeth and fresh breath Additive-free, crafts, sugar-free, gluten-free

    DENKMIT Textile freshener, 750 ml

    €1.49 / 5.94 ₪
    With fresh scent With innovative Neutraroma technology Neutralizes odors For textiles, shoes, carpets, upholstered furniture and curtains Skin compatibility dermatologically approved

    'Eyes Angels' Eyes Natural Supplement For Dogs

    €17.22 / 68.68 ₪
    Anti-Tear Stain Formula without Antibiotics
    Recommended for Both Shedding a Non-shedding Breeds
    Extremely Palatable
    Proudly Made in the USA
    100% Freeze Dried Beef Liver

    Febreze fabric Freshener against animal odors Spray Bottle

    €4.35 / 17.35 ₪
    Removes stubborn odors and refreshes textiles
    Patented and proven Febreze technology: Eliminates odors for a long time without covering them
    Excellent for clothes, curtains, bed, pillows, rug, couch, sports equipment 500 ml

    flexi New Neon Dog leash, M / L

    €18.98 / 75.69 ₪
    Reflective 5 m harness for dogs up to max. 50 kg
    Made in Germany

    FRONTLINE® Ampules for ticks, fleas and lice

    €18.85 / 75.18 ₪
    FRONTLINE® is a highly effective contact antiparasitic for the reliable control of ticks, fleas and lice.

    Hoka Mix Dog's powder

    €27.00 / 107.68 ₪

    Hoka Mix Skin & Shine

    €24.99 / 99.66 ₪
    For skin and coat problems Omega fatty acids are a good health essential, because the body can be they don't make it yourself. Omega fatty acids have to be provided with the food and mostly included (complete) food for dogs is not enough of these fatty acids. In addition, these generally suitable lost during production and the conditions of fatty acids from falling into the appropriate feeds are not ideally balanced.

    LED DayLight Sunrise – Colourful and Natural Daylight 31258

    €39.01 / 155.58 ₪
    820 mm / 1.067 lm / 22 W, 6,000 to 8000 Kelvin

    Luposan Gelenkkraft concentrate (pellets) (2700g)

    €89.99 / 358.89 ₪
    30% shellfish extract (from Perna canaliculus)
    high percentage of GAG (glycosaminoglycan)
    protection and strengthening of joints, cartilage, connective tissue, ligaments & tendons
    promotes cartilage formation & buildup of joint lubrication
    more resilience and motivation in training, pregnancy & growth

    Luposan Lupoderm Skin & Hair Treatment - 1000 ml

    €37.49 / 149.51 ₪
    skin and hair treatment for animals

    Luposan Zeckweg 1200 g

    €37.94 / 151.31 ₪
    Protects against fleas and ticks

    Moser Karlie 2384 Shearing Machine Professional Type 1245, 45 W

    €107.99 / 430.67 ₪

    Precision ground stainless steel cutting set with coarse tooth pitch and 3 mm cutting length
    Quick change pushbutton for easy replacement of cutting edges and a comfortable, easy cleaning.
    Made in Germany
    Robust and powerful DC Engine with two speed levels
    Air filter for optimum engine cooling

    Platinum Natural Gel 3 in 1 (120 ml)

    €39.88 / 159.05 ₪
    Platinum Gel 3in1 Classic
    PLATINUM Oral Clean + Care 3-in-1 Gel Classic is the complete oral care for dogs and cats.

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