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    NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Café au Lait

    €14.97 / 59.46 ₪
    3 x 16 + 2 capsules

    NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Cappuccino / 48 coffee capsules

    €14.97 / 59.46 ₪
    3 x 16 capsules

    Nestlé Nesquik | Cocoa-containing beverage powder | UTZ Certified | Extra Chocolate | With vitamins | Storage Tin | By law without artificial flavors | 2 x 900g can

    €12.06 / 47.90 ₪

    CHOCOLATE: The glass of milk prepared with NESQUIK tastes deliciously chocolaty.
    STARTING THE DAY: As a delicious cocoa drink in the morning, NESQUIK cocoa-containing beverage powder also contains a mix of vitamins.
    NESTLE COCOA PLAN: Cocoa is certified by UTZ Certified as part of our Cocoa Plan.
    SOLUBLE: Thanks to optimal solubility, our cocoa beverage powder gives the milk a chocolaty taste, whether in warm or cold milk.
    RECLAIMABLE: resealable can for approx. 60 servings ,

    Nestlé Nesquik cocoa beverage powder, 500g bag

    €3.99 / 15.85 ₪

    For delicious cocoa drinks - hot and cold
    Refill bag for 36 servings
    Simple dosage


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