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    Lego Creator - Beach hut (31035)

    €24.99 / 104.65 ₪

    LEGO 31077 Modular Sugar House, Colorful

    €29.72 / 124.45 ₪

    Contains a buildable LEGO pastry shop with a colorful façade, large bay window, rotating cake stand, 3 red and white striped awnings, roof terrace with seating area, cake and biscuit decorated sign, ATM, stall, gumball machine and flower Cupcake decorated bricks
    Bake delicious cupcakes and other delicacies and present them in the large bay window
    The window, door and other module segments can be easily exchanged to customize the confectionery using the LEGO Creator modular system
    This 3in1 model lets you experience even more adventure: Rebuild the pastry shop and relax in the pool house or open a cozy corner cafe
    The pastry shop is 16 cm high, 22 cm wide and 11 cm deep

    LEGO 42096 children's toys, multicolored

    €133.07 / 557.23 ₪

    LEGO 70611 Ninjago Nya's Water Strider

    €33.71 / 141.16 ₪
    A self-build walker with 360-degree rotating minifigure cockpit, six-barreled speed shooter, and four moving legs. Known from The LEGO Ninjago Movie.
    Contains four minifigures: Nya, Kai, Puffer, and the Ganovenhai; 494 pieces

    LEGO 70617 The Ninjago Movie Building Blocks, Colorful

    €74.99 / 314.02 ₪

    The ultimate ultimate self-build temple hiding place contains a trapdoor, features to knock rocks down and drop dynamite
    Known from The LEGO Ninjago Movie
    Contains seven minifigures: Kai, Nya, Cole, Zane, Lloyd, Jay, and Jungle Garmadon (with four arms and a new jungle outfit) and two buildable Temple Guardian figures
    LEGO Ninjago models are compatible with all LEGO creative kits; 1403 pieces - for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 14
    The ultimate ultimate temple hiding place is 49 cm high, 38 cm wide and 28 cm deep. The Temple Guardians are each 10 cm tall

    Lego 70652 Lightning Dragon

    €38.99 / 163.27 ₪

    The Lightning Dragon has a removable minifigure saddle with reins, a flip open mouth with 2 "flash" shooters (with spring mechanism), a movable neck, movable wings, legs and feet, and a whip-tail feature and 4 attachment points where the Legless Hunter can hook his retaliatory stone chain
    Re-enact your favorite scenes from the TV series "NINJAGO: Master of Spinjitzu" and experience thrilling action in your RPGs
    The Sets 70650 Wing Speeder, 70653 Mother of the Dragons 70654 Dragon Catcher and 70655 Dragon Pit contain other elements of the kite armor to be collected
    Combine the Lightning Kite with the separately available LEGO BOOST Set "Programmable Roboticset" (17101) to bring your LEGO creature to life LEGOcom / BOOST
    The lightning dragon is 12 cm high, 49 cm long and 14 cm wide

    LEGO 70653 Mother of the Dragons, Multicolored

    €51.99 / 217.71 ₪

    The mother of the dragons wears a detachable minifigure saddle with reins attached. Her wings are decorated and have a beating function. In addition, she has movable jaws, a movable neck, moving legs and feet, and a whip tail function. > The equipment includes the Dragon Bone Blade to be collected and the two Tantos from Kai, the Cole Hammer, the Heavy Metal Retribution Gun, the buildable Jet Jet blade, and the two buildable Katanas of the Muzzle Hunter
    The 70650 Wing Speeder, 70652 Lightning Dragon, 70654 Dragon Catcher, and 70655 Dragon Pit sets contain even more elements of the Dragon Armor to be collected.
    The Mother of the Dragons is 19 cm high, 53 cm long and 48 cm wide 339 number of units

    LEGO 70654 Kite catcher, colorful

    €74.94 / 313.81 ₪
    The dragon-hunter's armored dragon-catcher features a pop-up minifigure cockpit, a hinged platform for 2 villains, 2 revolving towers (both with a spring-loaded shooter), a crane function, and a detachable and hinged jail for up to 3 minifigures and a concealed rear storage compartment with removable and retractable equipment stand The equipment includes 3 spears, a sickle blade and a tanto.
    The equipment includes the buildable Katana of Teenie-Wu, the chain sickle and the buildable Katana of Jay, Zane's bow and arrow, the iron baron's wand, tanto and cyborg arm, heavy metal retribution stone rifle, muzzle hunter's spear, and the bonebreaker's scythe.
    Make your favorite TV series scenes. " NINJAGO: Master of the Spinjitzu "after
    The sets 70650 Wing Speeder, 70652 Lightning Dragon, 70653 Mother of Dragons and 70655 Dragon Maw contain noc h other elements of the kite armor to be collected
    The kite catcher is 18 cm high, 49 cm long and 23 cm wide

    Lego 70657 Ninjago City Harbor

    €180.00 / 753.75 ₪

    Contains 13 LEGO NINJAGO Minifigures: Lloyd (in casual outfit), Garmadon, Mr. Puffer, Runje, Chan Kong-Sang, Runme, Runge, Dareth, Lil 'Nelson, Mystake, Chad and Betsy (with Baby Figure)
    In the harbor there is a stone built water area, a boat house with a boat for a minifigure with hinged roof, oars and secret compartment for 2 NINJAGO trading cards, a feeder with working crane, removable barrels containing various elements, and a hinged cave
    The Old World (on the ground floor) houses a grocery store with a tilting food display and rotating rotisserie, an alley and a sculptor's workshop with a buildable statue and other sculptural elements
    Can be combined with the set "NINJAGO City" (70620) to experience countless ninja adventures
    This cool toy is 37 cm high, 38 cm wide and 25 cm deep

    LEGO 71204 - Dr. Who

    €29.56 / 123.78 ₪

    platform independent
    put it on the LEGO Toy Pad
    Expand your adventure by collecting more minifigures, vehicles, objects and new levels

    LEGO 76133 Super Heroes - Spider-Man

    €11.88 / 49.75 ₪

    LEGO 76134 Super Heroes - Spider-Man

    €26.48 / 110.88 ₪

    The LEGO 4+ sets are easy to build and fun. It also strengthens self-esteem by allowing preschool and elementary school children to do the simple construction steps all by themselves. This is an ideal introduction to the world of building with LEGO bricks.
    This set consists of an easy-to-build dock, Spider-Man's plane, Doc Ock's speedboat and a starter component that helps children get started quickly The action-packed LEGO Marvel world succeeds.
    The dock includes a crane with a minifigure cockpit with windshield and an adjustable crane arm with chain to lift the opening container with a money bag and a jewel inside as well as a burning barrel with flame element, a small ladder and barrier.
    The LEGO 4+ game sets were formerly available under the LEGO Juniors brand and are compatible with all LEGO construction toys for imaginative play. They offer children a world with their favorite characters from film and television as well as with everyday heroes and are a great gift for children in kindergarten and primary school. The dock is 17 cm high, 13 cm wide and 13 cm deep.

    LEGO 8654 Racers Scuderia Ferrari Truck

    €199.80 / 836.66 ₪
    Scope of delivery: 810 elements
    Number of batteries: 0 Material of the product: Plastic
    Number of players: not defined
    Kind of game: Building block set for children
    Made In: Denmark

    Lego Architecture 21042 Statue of Liberty

    €76.99 / 322.40 ₪

    LEGO Architecture Interpretation of a Real Architectural Landmark - the Statue of Liberty
    The LEGO Architecture product line pays tribute to the world of architecture in the form of LEGO bricks and appeals to anyone interested in travel, architecture, history and design interested
    The enclosed booklet contains information about the design, the architecture and the history of the building (English and French only. The booklet can be downloaded in other languages ​​on LEGOcom / architecture)
    This set contains more than 1685 LEGO parts
    The model is 44 cm high, 14 cm wide and 14 cm deep

    LEGO Architecture 21043 San Francisco

    €45.99 / 192.58 ₪
    The set includes legendary landmarks and famous landmarks of San Francisco, including the famous "Painted Ladies" homes, 555 California Street, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Salesforce Tower, the Coit Tower, Fort Point, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz Island.
    The set also includes a blue plate studded baseplate that represents the Golden Gate Strait.

    LEGO Arielle & Ursula - 41623

    €30.98 / 129.73 ₪
    The buildable LEGO BrickHeadz figures by Arielle and Ursula feature printed eyes and authentic details from the Disney movie "Arielle the Mermaid" like Arielle's red hair, her green fin and her seashell bikini and Ursula's tentacle

    Lego Batman- The Scuttler 70908

    €79.99 / 334.96 ₪
    Ages 9-14 775 pieces

    LEGO Boost - Creative Toolbox (17101)

    €159.99 / 669.96 ₪
    Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.

    Lego Brickheadz 41585 - Batman, Batman Gift

    €19.90 / 83.33 ₪

    As a buildable LEGO BrickHeadz figurine, Batman has colorful, authentic details, glowing BrickHeadz eyes in the dark and a platter
    Each LEGO BrickHeadz figurine features a collector's assembly plate with serial number and BrickHeadz symbol at
    a lot Fun collecting the LEGO BrickHeadz figures. Add more classic characters from all the movies, TV shows, games and comics you love to your collection
    Mix your LEGO BrickHeadz figures to create super cool combinations or your own intriguing characters Figure 7 cm tall

    LEGO Brickheadz 41598 - The Flash Construction Toy, Multicolored

    €9.99 / 41.83 ₪

    Buildable The Flash LEGO BrickHeadz character with authentic details from the Justice League movie, with BrickHeadz eyes, buildable ear-wings and flash mark on the chest
    Every buildable LEGO BrickHeadz character has its own associated collector's counter with Brickheadz Icon
    Enjoy the LEGO BrickHeadz Gathering Lots of other characters from the Justice League movie and more from your other favorite movies, TV shows, games, and comics
    Mix your buildable LEGO BrickHeadz Characters to create super cool combinations or your own fascinating characters
    This cool buildable character is suitable for children over 10 years


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