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    CLEGO Minifigures - The Lego Movie 2 (71023)

    €7.45 / 29.61 ₪

    Clicformers - 801005 fr - Set Basic - 150 pieces

    €41.40 / 164.55 ₪

    Games Educational
    - Games Creation
    Educational Games

    ego Star Wars 75262 - Imperial Dropship

    €48.59 / 193.13 ₪

    Celebrate the 20thanniversary of the LEGO Star Wars building kit with a detailed Imperial Dropship and 4 Legendary LEGO Star Wars mini figures plus an additional Anniversary mini figure of Han Solo with display stand<
    The LEGO Star Wars set contains 5 mini figures: 3 storm troopers, a shadow trooper and an original figure of Han Solo.
    The Imperial Dropship features an opening cockpit, a detachable platform for troop transport and equipment holders for loads of exciting Star Wars action.
    The Lego Star Wars vehicle measures 7 cm high, 12 cm long and 11 cm wide.
    125 Pieces - Building toys for girls and boys from 7 years old, for fans and big children of all ages. The Lego Star Wars building kit contains numerous original Lego bricks for endless creative play.

    fischertechnik 536619 Professional Dynamic XS Ball Run

    €15.37 / 61.09 ₪
    Fast ball courses: balls shoot through the different lanes
    Other free game templates available as download
    Educational toy "Made in Germany"
    Encourages creativity, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and three-dimensional imagination
    Suitable for children over 7 years

    FischerTechnik 536621 Dynamic L2 – Construction Toy, Complete Set

    €97.94 / 389.28 ₪
    The marble run for children over 9 years with the popular looping and a great track length of 4.50 metres.
    Three action ball tracks and 4 experimental models on the topics of acceleration, mass inertia, power balance, energy retention and pulse set as well as movement laws can be built.
    Includes 3 models and can be combined with all marble runs of the professional dynamic line and supplemented with the battery set and the LED set
    Educational toy "Made in Germany"
    Encourages creativity, hand-eye coordination, motor skills and three-dimensional imagination
    Suitable for children over 9 years

    LED Lighting set for LEGO 71040 Castle Tower

    €25.08 / 99.69 ₪
    Easy to install
    LED is powered via USB
    It can make your model even cooler
    Applicable: Only for LEGO 71040
    Interface: USB

    LEGO 21034 Architecture London Skyline Collection Set

    €39.99 / 158.95 ₪
    Build a detailed model of the London skyline Includes the National Gallery, Nelson’s Column, London Eye, Big Ben and Tower Bridge Includes a collectable brochure with information on the design, architecture and history of the building LEGO Architecture toys are compatible with all LEGO building kits for creative building The model measures over 13cm high, 28cm wide and 8cm deep, 468 pieces - for boys and girls aged from 12 years

    Lego 21319- Central Perk

    €62.99 / 250.37 ₪ €65.99 / 262.29 ₪
    Ages 16+, 1070 Pieces. Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, the legendary American TV sitcom, with this highly collectible LEGO® Ideas 21319 CENTRAL PERK set.

    Lego 31078 Tree House Treasures, Colourful

    €38.59 / 153.38 ₪
    Contains a buildable pirate ship tree house with a ship’s deck, a helm, a treasure chest with hiding function, a bowsprit with flag, a crow’s nest, a tyre swing and a cave on the upper deck. Grab your sword and pirate hat and climb into the tree house to experience exciting adventures on the pirate ship. With this Lego Creator 3-in-1 model, endless adventures await you. The model can also be converted into a pirate ship or a skull cavity with glowing eyes, so you can experience adventures on the high seas or go on an exciting treasure hunt. The pirate ship measures 11 cm high, 22 cm wide and 7 cm deep. The tree house measures 20 cm high, 14 cm wide and 19 cm deep.

    LEGO 40172 - calendar for DIY

    €34.00 / 135.14 ₪

    LEGO 40252 Creator - VW Mini Beetle

    €25.47 / 101.24 ₪

    Lego 42093 Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1, colored

    €32.99 / 131.13 ₪
    579 pcs. Exclusive model of a Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 with many realistic features such as the rear spoiler, four exhaust pipes, black spoked rims with low profile tires, working steering and detailed V8 engine with moving pistons This collectible toy car convinces with an authentic color scheme in orange and black as well as a cool sticker sheet for further details Operate the working steering and maneuver the vehicle to activate the visible V8 engine with moving pistons The Lego Technic 2-in-1 set can be converted into a hot rod This Lego Technic model is designed to provide an engaging and rewarding building experience

    LEGO 42096 children's toys, multicolored

    €133.07 / 528.91 ₪

    LEGO 60026 Town square

    €229.99 / 914.14 ₪

    Lego 60207 City police drone hunting, colorful

    €18.82 / 74.80 ₪

    Lego 70657 Ninjago City Harbor

    €314.99 / 1251.99 ₪

    Contains 13 LEGO NINJAGO Minifigures: Lloyd (in casual outfit), Garmadon, Mr. Puffer, Runje, Chan Kong-Sang, Runme, Runge, Dareth, Lil 'Nelson, Mystake, Chad and Betsy (with Baby Figure)
    In the harbor there is a stone built water area, a boat house with a boat for a minifigure with hinged roof, oars and secret compartment for 2 NINJAGO trading cards, a feeder with working crane, removable barrels containing various elements, and a hinged cave
    The Old World (on the ground floor) houses a grocery store with a tilting food display and rotating rotisserie, an alley and a sculptor's workshop with a buildable statue and other sculptural elements
    Can be combined with the set "NINJAGO City" (70620) to experience countless ninja adventures
    This cool toy is 37 cm high, 38 cm wide and 25 cm deep

    LEGO 70904 The Batman Movie Clay Face: Mud Attack – Batman Toy

    €39.98 / 158.91 ₪
    Build your own Duel between the dark Knights and a Monströsen clay face From the movie The LEGO Batman Contains Batman and Bürgermeisterin Mccaskill Mini Figures Of modules a clay face with a moving arms, legs and head LEGO Batman Movie Toy is compatible with all LEGO for creative, 448 parts – suitable for boys and girls between 8 and 14 years old Clay Face is over 30 cm high. The match in prison is about 3 cm high x 3 cm deep and under 3 cm wide

    LEGO 71372 Super Mario Cat Mario Suit Expansion Set, Power-Up Pack, Climbing Wall Costume Visit the LEGO Store

    €8.93 / 35.49 ₪
    The Cats-Mario Suit (71372) is an interactive outfit for the Lego Mario figure (not included in the set), which gives the hero in the Lego Super Mario games the skills of a cat.
    This LEGO bricks accessory is tailored to the Lego Mario figure from the starter set "Adventure with Mario" (71360), produces very special sounds and makes a unique image appear on Mario's chest display.
    When the LEGO Mario figure wears the cat costume, Mario meows and purrs like a cat. The outfit also gives him the ability to go up to vertical obstacles and collect digital coins that improve the player score.
    This 11-piece LEGO collectable building toy is a great birthday or Christmas gift for creative children and fans from 6 years old who can enrich the adventure with Mario starter set (71360) and the expansion sets with this accessory to an interactive gaming experience.


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