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    Dryer Miele TCE630WP Eco T1 heat pump dryer with A +++ and EcoDry technology for highest efficiency - a device life long

    €958.00 / 3872.33 ₪
    EcoDry technology Save, a dryer life long The filter system and the maintenance-free heat exchanger keep energy consumption and runtime constantly low. Best A +++ performance: highest efficiency and optimum results. Maintenance-free heat exchanger Well protected: A filter protects the heat exchanger and makes its cleaning superfluous. Energy efficiency class (A +++ - D) A +++ Annual electricity consumption in kWh 171 Runtime in the standard program in min 177 Noise in the program cotton full load in db (A) re1pW 66 Condensation efficiency class A Electricity consumption in the standard program Cotton Cupboard dry at full load in kWh 1.41 Maintenance-free heat exchanger EcoDry technology ProfiEco engine Dimensions in mm (width) 596 Dimensions in mm (height) 850 Dimensions in mm (depth) 636

    Aeg T8DB66580 heat pump dryer / A + + / 8 kg [Energy Class A ++]

    €535.13 / 2163.05 ₪
    Absolutecare - Wool, Silk, and outdoor dry Practical eco-flow filter for more efficient Prosense - to adjust the time and consumption to load 8 kg Protex drum, logic ontrol LED display, door white, cover white Inverter motor, Prosense automatic load detection, Wool / silk and outdoor drying program, EcoFlow system, Transparent doors, noise 26 dB (a), Energy efficiency class B, 235 kWh

    Dryer Miele TMG 440 WP

    €1315.00 / 5315.36 ₪


    €558.90 / 2259.13 ₪

    LG F 14WM 9KG Washing Machine Front Loader / A +++ / 1400UpM / White / Steam Function: The wellness oasis for your clothes / Smart Diagnosis

    €550.00 / 2223.16 ₪
    product dimensions 56x60x85 cm Energy efficiency class A +++ capacity 9 kilograms Maximum spin speed 1400 revolutions / minute Airborne noise emission during washing 53 dB Airborne noise when spinning 74 dB Airborne noise 53 dB installation type detached Special functions Child safety lock, load detection, inverter direct drive doorway Front loaders

    LG LSWD100W washer dryer

    €3428.00 / 13856.32 ₪
    Freestanding washer dryer Color white Water consumption washing 77 L Washing capacity 12 kg Filling quantity drying 7 kg Energy efficiency class A maximum spin speed 1,600 rpm Washing time 238 min Comfort & security Network-compatible functions , signal tone on / off, steam function, automatic dosing, refill function, drum cleaning, start time preselection, load detection, washing program download Controls touch operation Child safety devices , water leakage protection, unbalance control LCD display Loading hatch front loader Programs cotton, quick / mix, easy-care, freshening up, mixed laundry, outdoor, allergy laundry, delicates, wool, super quick <20min, washing & drying, rinsing, spinning, without spinning, drum cleaning, automatic program , cottons, colored laundry, download, individual programs, intensive / Stains, extra rinse, prewash / soak Width 60 cm Height 85 cm Depth 67.5 cm

    MIELE TRK555 Dryer basket

    €59.00 / 238.48 ₪
    Dryer basket ideal for sports shoes, children's boots, small woolen textiles or cuddly toys. Best protection for sensitive textiles. Developed especially for Miele dryers. Can be used in all T1 dryers.

    Miele tumble dryer TWR860WP

    €1995.00 / 8063.99 ₪
    Product types heat pump dryer, condenser dryer Energy efficiency class A +++ Technical specifications Mains fuse 10 A Filling quantity 9 kg Program duration 208 min Smart home WiFi Height 85 cm Depth 107.7 cm when the door is open Width 59.6 cm Depth 64.3 cm

    Miele TWE 520 WP Active Plus heat pump dryer / energy class A +++ (171kWh / year) / 8 kg gentle drum / fragrance bottle for freshly scented laundry / Start delay and remaining time display / crease protection

    €1004.90 / 4061.91 ₪
    Saving, one dryer life long - EcoDry Technology
    Fragrant linen the way you like it - FragranceDos
    Precise drying for all textiles - Perfect Dry
    Best protection for space and furniture - Best Condensation
    Easy to use with a tap - DirectSensor 59.6 x 64.3 x 85 cm

    Miele TWJ 680 WP dryer

    €1499.00 / 6059.11 ₪
    Energy efficiency class A +++ Capacity 9 kg Noise level 64 dB Program duration fully loaded 208 min Drying:program Easy ironing, Airing, Outdoor / Sport, Special programs, Standard programs, Refresh, Steam program, Automatic program, Short program Program options Protection, crease protection Functions:networkable, automatic reversing, start time delay, adjustable Wäscheparfümierung Equipment:fragrance bottle, buzzer, condensate tank, heat pump, drum interior lighting, lint filter, gentle drum, maintenance-free heat exchanger, condensate drain, optical interface Safety device: PIN code locking Display LED Height 85 cm Width 59.6 cm Depth 64.3 cm Depth with the door open 107.7 cm

    Miele TWV680WP Passion heat pump dryer 9KG

    €2269.00 / 9171.52 ₪
    MTouch - control via direct keying or simple swiping Particularly economical drying - A +++ -10% Save for a dryer life - EcoDry technology Less ironing with SteamFinish Smart laundry care with WiFiConn @ ct

    MIELE WTV 512 Washer-dryer connection kit

    €189.00 / 763.96 ₪
    Washer-dryer connection kit with integrated drawer for a particularly convenient washer-dryer stack. Lots of storage space in the drawer with push-pull function For dryers of the White Edition T1 Fits all series Miele washing machines (except WTZH) WTV height: 12 cm Color: lotus white

    Siemens WD 14 U 540 EEK: A 9/6 kg 1400 tours

    €879.00 / 3553.01 ₪
    Consumer information: Energy efficiency class (EU - scale from A +++ to D, best value: A +++): A Energy consumption in kWh (washing, spinning and drying): 6,12 Energy consumption in kWh (washing and spinning): 0.99 Washing performance class (scale from A to G, best value A): A Spin efficiency class (scale from A to G, best value: A): not specified residual moisture remaining in% after the spin-drying process (proportion of the dry weight of the laundry): 44 Spin speed: 1400 tours Nominal capacity in kg (washing, cotton 60 ° C): 9 Nominal capacity in kg (cupboard dry, cotton): 6 Water consumption in liters (l) (washing, spinning, drying): 120 Water consumption in liters (l) (washing and spinning, cotton 60 ° C)): 69 estimated annual energy consumption of a four-person household always using this washer-dryer for drying, in kWh (200 standard cycles): 1224 Estimated annual water consumption of a four-person household, which always uses this washer-dryer for drying, in l (200 standard cycles): 24,000 Estimated annual energy consumption of a four-person household never using this washer-dryer for drying, in kWh (200 standard cycles): 198 Estimated annual water consumption of a four-person household never using this washer-dryer for drying, in l (200 standard cycles): 13800 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (washing): 47 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (spin): 71 Noise emission in dB (A) re 1 pW (drying): 61 Technical specifications: wash & dry 9 / 6kg iSensoric Performance and consumption Label: Energy efficiency class A on an energy efficiency rating scale from A to G / Washing efficiency class A Energy consumption washing and drying 6.12 kWh, water consumption Washing and drying 120 l in the label / standard program Capacity: 9 kg washing - 6 kg drying Non-stop washing and drying programs for normal household load up to 6 kg Whirlwind tours: 1400 - 400 rpm Noise level washing in dB: 47 Noise value Spin in dB: 71 Noise value drying in db: 61 programs Standard programs Wash: Cotton, Easy Care, Fine / Silk, Wool / Hand Wash Special Programs Washing: Hygiene, Drum Cleaning (with reminder function), Super 15, Towels, Shirts / Business, Mix, MyTime, Outdoor / Impregnate, Rinse / Spin / Drain All common washing programs can also be used as a pure drying program or as a combined washing and drying program Standard programs Drying: Cotton, Easy care Special Programs Dry: Refresh, My Time, Wash & Dry 60 ' options varioSpeed: Up to 65% shorter washing time Washing Options: Anti-crease, EcoPerfect, Extra Rinse, Child Lock, Favorite Programs, Quiet Wash, SpeedPerfect, Prewash, Water Plus Options Drying: Iron Dry, Eco, Night Dry / Dry Dry, Solo Dry, Speed, Cupboard Dry, Cupboard Dry +, Wash + Dry Drying option for most washing programs autoDry function, time programs Comfort and safety Refill function: Interrupt the already started washing process in order to put more laundry items in the drum. Exceptionally comfortable control thanks to beveled control panel for better readability and more ergonomics aquaStop with lifelong protection against water damage iQdrive: energy-saving and quietest engine technology, iQdrive: energy-saving and quietest engine technology Large, clear DirectSelect touch LED display for program execution, temperature selection, max. Spin speed, remaining time display and 24 h end time preselection, load recommendation and consumption display soft drum: particularly gentle laundry care Drum interior lighting: LED integrated 32 cm porthole white, black with 130 ° door opening angle waterPerfect Plus: resource-saving water management anti-vibration design: more stability and smoothness sound insulation foam detection balance control Signal at the end of the program selfCleaning Condenser childlock Porthole with glass cover Porthole stop on the left Metal closure hook comfort closure Technical information can be pushed from 85 cm niche height Device dimensions (H x W): 84.8 cm x 59.8 cm Device depth: 62.0 cm Device depth incl. Door: 64.5 cm Device depth with open door: 114.2 cm

    Siemens WT47W5W0 iQ700 heat pump dryer / A +++ / 8 kg / Large display with end time preselection / white

    €628.00 / 2538.44 ₪

    Dryer type: Condensation with heat pump technology
    Nominal capacity for standard cotton program when fully filled: 8 kg cotton wash
    AutoDry: Moisture-controlled drying programs
    Illuminated program selector with integrated on / off switch

    Siemens WT7WH540 heat pump dryer / A +++ / 160 kWh / year / white / 148 rpm / SoftDry drum

    €749.00 / 3027.53 ₪

    Energy efficiency class A +++. Extremely Low Energy Consumption
    Control and access your dryer no matter where you are with the easy-to-use Home Connect app. (Available for iOS and Android)
    Wi-Fi enabled with Home Connect

    Siemens WT7YH701 Home Connect iQ800 heat pump dryer

    €774.94 / 3132.38 ₪
    Energy efficiency class A +++. Extremely low energy consumption 59.9 x 59.8 x 84.2 cm

    Siemens WZ20400 connection set with pull-out for iQ 800/890 dryer

    €74.99 / 303.12 ₪

    Siemens WZ20400

    Tefal GV8962 Steam ironing station Pro Express Total, 6 bar, variable steam 0-120 g / min Steam: 430 g / min, automatic shutdown

    €155.89 / 630.12 ₪

    Eco function: up to 20% energy savings with just one setting on the steam regulator
    Fast heating, ready for use in 2 minutes
    Steam pressure 6.5 bar
    Quick-release locking system for easy and safe transport
    On / off switch, temperature / steam ready light

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