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    Kärcher charger BC Adv 220-240V

    €102.97 / 416.76 ₪
    for devices of Kärcher Park & City Solutions, capacity: max. 550W operating voltage 230V charging time 30 min

    Karcher FC 5 hard floor cleaner Premium

    €231.95 / 938.79 ₪
    he 2-in-1 function of the hard floor cleaner FC 5 enables both wet and dry dirt to be wiped and vacuumed in just one single step. This will save you the hassle of forcing your eyes - and wiping is more effortless, more thorough and faster than ever before. The automatically moistened, rotating microfiber rollers absorb the dirt and at the same time the water-dirt mixture is continuously sucked off from the rollers. This practical self-cleaning function keeps the rollers fresh and ready for use at all times. But the hard floor cleaner delivers even more convincing arguments: Compared to conventional methods, the FC 5 saves up to 85 percent of water and additionally offers a considerably better cleaning performance. Whether wood, stone or plastic: Includes 2 additional wheels (worth € 10 Euro) and 30 ml cleaning fluid

    Kärcher Puzzi 10/1

    €629.90 / 2549.46 ₪
    Area capacity max. 20 - 25 m² / h Power Turbine (1 ~ / 230 V) 1250 W spray pressure 1 bar vacuum 220 mbar air flow 54 l / s Spray rate 1 l / min Fresh / dirty water tank 10/9 l Power pump 40W Power brush motor - W length 0.709 m width 0.323 m height 0.439 m advertising Carpet surfaces well maintained. BaRaGr

    Battery for Kärcher battery box

    €26.80 / 108.47 ₪
    K55 3000mAh NiMH, 4,8V, NiMH

    Battery suitable for Karcher battery box K55 battery 4.070-696 with housing 3000mAh

    €27.99 / 113.29 ₪
    Battery sutiable for Broom K55 4.070-696

    FJ 10 C foam jet Connect 'n' Clean with car shampoo

    €24.66 / 99.81 ₪


    €119.99 / 485.65 ₪
    The battery-powered multi-purpose vacuum cleaner WD 3 Battery Premium not only offers maximum freedom of movement when vacuuming. He convinces with a whole range of advantages. For example, with the 17-liter and extremely stable stainless steel container. A cartridge filter that makes sucking up dry and wet dirt a breeze without changing filters. The removable handle for attaching accessories directly on the flow-optimized suction hose. A clip floor nozzle including mixing insert for an ideal dirt pick-up. A running time of 15 or 30 minutes with the rechargeable lithium-ion battery Battery 36/25 or Battery Power 36/50 (batteries not included). A parking position for intake manifold and floor nozzle. And additional extras such as the blower function, the "pull 'n' push" locking system, the ergonomic carrying handle and the extremely practical accessory storage. Particularly practical: the batteries of other 36 V Battery Power devices can also be used in the WD 3 Battery Premium thanks to battery platform compatibility.

    Kärcher 1 L Glass Cleaner Concentrate RM 500 – 2 x 500 ml

    €14.15 / 57.27 ₪
    There are the following safety information: For this product Warning: Not suitable for children under 14 years old. For use under adult supervision. Warning: Only for domestic use Do not reach into the hands of children Does not cause serious eye irritation

    Kärcher 1.193-120.0 Vacuum Cleaner PUZZI 10/2 Adv

    €999.00 / 4043.35 ₪

    Karcher 1.512 533.0 Steam Cleaner SC 5 Easyfix Iron

    €439.99 / 1780.82 ₪

    Floor Cleaning complete kit EasyFix with flexible hinged on the floor nozzle and comfortable velcro fixing of the cloth
    Permanently refillable removable water tank
    Multi-functional set of accessories including steam pressure and iron
    Ground towel & sock for the hand nozzle made from high quality microfibre

    Kärcher 1.520-934.0 High-pressure cleaner HD 5/15 CX Plus and FR Classic 15-150 bar

    €619.99 / 2509.35 ₪

    The compact, portable and versatile cold water high-pressure washer
    Rated intake (W): 2800
    Working pressure (bar): 15-150
    Brass cylinder head and automatic pressure relief
    twist system

    Kärcher 2.640-590 Soft washing brush, cross

    €35.00 / 141.66 ₪

    248 mm working width
    Rubber pad
    Cleaning agent application
    Soft surface-protecting bristles
    Circumferential protector ring
    suitable for all Kärcher pressure washers

    Kärcher 2.645-218.0 Compact Reel CR 7.220 Automatic

    €121.95 / 493.58 ₪

    With automatic and regular hose retraction
    Smooth hose pull
    Flat, space-saving wall mount
    Swiveling from 0 ° -180 °, adjustable swivel stop avoids damage to walls
    Incl. 20 m plus 2 m hose, syringe, hose coupling, hose coupling with Aquastop, G3 / 4 tap connection and G1 / 2 reducer

    Kärcher 2.863-225.0 Car interior cleaning set

    €49.99 / 202.33 ₪
    Suitable for all Kärcher Home and Garden multi-purpose vacuum cleaners
    Extensive accessory set for thorough car interior cleaning
    Including 1.5 m extension hose for greater range of action and more freedom of movement
    Compatibility: WD 2, 4 , WD 5P Premium, WD 3, WD 4 WD Premium, WD 5 Premium, WD 3P Expansion Kit, WD 5, WD 5P

    Kärcher 4054278459837 Cordless leaf blower LBL - without battery

    €63.99 / 258.99 ₪

    Traditional Kärcher Power
    Maximum freedom of movement without a troublesome power cable
    Effortless work guaranteed
    Full control

    Kärcher 47639770 K2-K4 Series Dirt Blaster - Black

    €29.90 / 121.02 ₪

    With a rotor nozzle

    Kärcher 6.295-360.0 Car shampoo (5 liters)

    €15.89 / 64.31 ₪

    For thorough cleaning of sensitive paint and plastic surfaces
    Particularly gentle on materials
    Slightly alkaline cleaning agent, no dangerous ingredients
    Surfactants biodegradable according to OECD
    Ready-to-use cleaning agents ( RTU)

    Kärcher 6.296-048.0 Rim Cleaner Premium RM 667 + Kärcher Insect Remover 3-in1 Rm 618 6.295-761.0 + Kärcher Car Shampoo 3-in-1 RM 610 5 liter 6.295-360.0

    €40.99 / 165.90 ₪

    With the highest cleaning power and quick acting formula against all road dirt on all common rim types.
    Removes gently insects from paint surfaces, grills, mirrors, windows and plastic.
    Slightly alkaline, foaming cleaner for thorough vehicle cleaning. < Contents of delivery: Wheel cleaner 500 ml, Car shampoo 5 liters, insect remover 500 ml, professional microfibre cloth


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