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    Almond flour 1kg- natural Zimmermann

    €17.49 / 71.67 ₪
    100% almond flour from Spain. Natural + not de-oiled. The valuable almond oil is still completely contained.
    High protein / high fiber content / gluten-free
    Ideal for the fine carbohydrate-reduced low carb cooking. Delicious and fine aroma
    Also for breading fish and meat or as an addition to muesli, yoghurt etc.
    Premium quality at a reasonable price. Resource-friendly packaging - no unnecessary packaging waste

    Alnavit Bio Seed Bread Mix gluten free

    €2.99 / 12.25 ₪
    500g Gluten-free bread baking mixture with cornstarch, sunflower seeds and linseed (bio) The Bio Saatenbrot Backmischung has a particularly short walking time of only 15 minutes and even succeeds without a walking time if it has to be really fast. So you can easily conjure a hearty crispy bread

    Alnavit Organic Bread Mix Mildes

    €3.99 / 16.35 ₪
    500g The special thing about the mild sunflower seed bread is the natural pastry - juicy and with a loose crumb it becomes a real pleasure. The gluten-free bread from organic agriculture can be quickly baked in the oven or sliced ​​in the toaster crispy. "Bio Mildes" contains 6% sunflower seeds and is rich in fiber. In the practical double pack, the gluten-free bread remains fresh for a very long time and is therefore also ideal for small households.

    Barilla Pasta Pasta Spaghetti Glutenfree, 12er Pack

    €31.38 / 128.60 ₪
    (12 x 400 g)

    Biscotti con cioccolato Gluten-free biscuits

    €1.95 / 7.99 ₪

    Buckwheat whole grain flour

    €1.95 / 7.99 ₪

    Butter biscuits - Petit beurre gluten free

    €1.99 / 8.16 ₪

    Cereal Bar Gluten Free Riegel

    €0.85 / 3.48 ₪

    Choco Chip Cookies Gluten free

    €2.35 / 9.63 ₪

    Ciabatta rolls gluten free

    €2.99 / 12.25 ₪

    Cornflakes gluten free

    €1.99 / 8.16 ₪

    Crackers Pocket Gluten Free

    €2.49 / 10.20 ₪

    Crunchy bread Gluten free

    €1.99 / 8.16 ₪

    Digestive Ciok gluten free

    €2.49 / 10.20 ₪
    150g Gluten-free biscuits with milk chocolate

    enerBiO Bio Erdnuss-Mandel Riegel

    €1.69 / 6.93 ₪
    Bolt from peanuts, almonds, raisins and pumpkin seeds. 75g - 3 pieces 25g each. with honey refined, gluten free, lactose free, from organic farming

    enerBiO Bio Riegel-Mix

    €1.69 / 6.93 ₪
    Sesame Cranberry, Nut Mix & peanut brittle, gluten- and lactose-free, from organic farming 75g - 3 pieces 25g each.

    enerBiO sesame brittle-coconut bars

    €0.49 / 2.01 ₪
    Sesame Brittle-coconut bars 28 g 4 pieces gluten free, from organic farming

    Gluten-free bread mix flour

    €3.99 / 16.35 ₪
    1 kg

    fruit muesli gluten free

    €3.79 / 15.53 ₪
    400g. Fruit-Muesli Gluten-free with 35% fruit content

    Gluten free basket

    €98.96 / 405.54 ₪
    Product list: Alnavit Bio almond croissant Alnavit Bio Seed Bread Mix gluten free Alnavit Organic Bread Mix Mildes Biscotti con cioccolato Gluten-free biscuits Butter biscuits - Petit beurre gluten free Cereal Bar Gluten Free Riegel * 2 Choco Chip Cookies Gluten free Ciabatta rolls gluten free Cornflakes gluten free Crackers Pocket Gluten Free Crunchy bread Gluten free Digestive Ciok gluten free Flour Gluten-free flour mixture Focaccia con rosmarino Gluten-free bread Gluten-free bread mix flour Gluten-free Fusilli Master backers classic gluten free bread Master backers Vital Gluten-free bread Noccioli Gluten-free hazelnut cream waffle *2 Organic central chickpea flour REWE Free of chocolate muffins REWE Free of chocolate sweet REWE Free of fruit muesli gluten free REWE Free of lemon cake Salinis Gluten-free pretzels *2 Snack Gluten Free Riegel Sorrisi Gluten-free biscuits with cocoa cream filling


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