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    AAKG 10,000 SHOT 500ml bottle

    €34.99 / 146.02 ₪
    Food supplements. Concentrate for active people, such as athletes. With vitamin B6, amino acids and caffeine. With sweeteners. Increased caffeine content (640mg / 100ml). Direction of taste: Multifruit.

    ALESTO nut-fruit mix

    €2.90 / 12.10 ₪
    from walnut kernels, whole almonds, sultanas and dried, sweetened cranberries. 200g.

    Almased Vital Powder

    €18.69 / 78.00 ₪

    Belli - Almonds Cantuccini 250g

    €3.19 / 13.31 ₪
    Hard toscan almond biscuits from Italy.

    Bio Nuts nougat cream- Vivani

    €8.99 / 37.52 ₪
    400 gr.

    Biotech USA AAKG Shock - 1000 ml

    €21.99 / 91.77 ₪

    Biotech USA Zero Bar Mix Box 20x50g

    €31.90 / 133.12 ₪

    BIOTECH USA Zero Bar Mix-Box 20 x 50g Protein Bar Name: Zero Bar Protein with high protein content, no sugar and no bar or aspartame, lactose-free with sweeteners.
    komp Lexer protein content , with the basic ingredient for-isolate of cheese nature. Without added sugar, sweetened with stevia, sucralose and sugar alcohol, high percentage of fibers. Without coating sheathing. Low carbohydrate content. Nice texture protein. Lactose and Gutenfrei, Aspartamefrei. In particular, delicious taste

    BioTech USA Zero Bar X-MAS Edition Mix Box, 20 x 50g, LOW CARB & LOW FAT, 45% PROTEIN, 0% Sugar, perfect for diet, any taste 10x

    €29.90 / 124.78 ₪

    MIX BOX: You get every taste from the current Christmas Special Edition delivered 10 times: gingerbread & apple pie.
    Complex protein content, with the basic ingredient of natural whey isolate. Without added sugar, the product naturally contains sugar.
    Sweetened with sucralose and sugar alcohol. High fiber content without coating.
    Low carbohydrate content. Lactose free, gluten free and aspartame free.
    X-Mas Edition from BioTech USA.

    Biscuits Leibniz Choco 125 g

    €1.59 / 6.64 ₪

    BSN Syntha-6 Edge - 1870g

    €48.80 / 203.65 ₪
    Contains a high quality protein blend for increased muscle mass, strength and recovery! Contains a protein matrix from Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate, Milk Protein Concentrate, Micellar Casein and Calcium Caseinate Contains little sugar Promotes muscle protein synthesis

    Curry ketchup

    €2.39 / 9.97 ₪
    0.8 ml

    Dextro Energy Minis Peach, 6 Pack (6 x 50 g)

    €7.14 / 29.80 ₪
    Nutritious glucose with fruity peach flavor. 6er Pack (6 x 50 g)

    Dr. Oetker Aranca Yoghurt Dessert, 11er Pack (11 x 78 g)

    €10.89 / 45.45 ₪

    Fruity-fresh in the taste and wonderful frothy in the consistency: this is Dr. med. Oetker Aranca! The preparation is quick and easy with water and yogurt. A modern classic that always tastes good. Your family will be happy! Sufficient for about 4 servings
    Aranca - the refreshing, fruity foam cream.

    Dr. Oetker Cream Tiramisu

    €1.49 / 6.22 ₪
    Tasty dessert- only add milk! 70 gr.

    Dr. Oetker Paradise-Creme Nougat

    €0.89 / 3.71 ₪
    Tasty dessert- only add milk! 71 gr.

    Dr. Oetker Professional Cream Stiffener, 1 Pack (1 x 1 kg)

    €9.49 / 39.60 ₪

    Developed by professional cooks for the gastronomy sector: cream stabilizer for binding the liquid components of cream, for holding whipped cream.
    Vegan, free from additives and allergens subject to labeling, without lactose and gluten-containing ingredients (according to recipe)
    Use: Beat the well - chilled, liquid cream for about a minute, sub - stably whipping appropriate amount of cream with sugar
    Made in Germany, Tip: cream stabilizer on cake grounds prevents a rapid soaking of the soil
    Scope of supply: 1 kg Pack with several months of best before date

    EDEKA- Almonds Cantuccini 250g

    €2.19 / 9.14 ₪
    with honey

    Fuego Hot Pepper Sauce

    €1.69 / 7.05 ₪

    German Lebkuchen

    €3.00 / 12.52 ₪
    minimum 10 Euros order!

    GREENLIP ARTHRO FORTE GAG capsules- Canina

    €30.88 / 128.87 ₪
    Diet food for special medical purpose. 200 capsules, 110 gr.

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