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    1 x Monin Mini Coffee Set 6X 5 cl Vanilla, Hazelnut, White Chocolate Macadamia Cookie

    €11.94 / 49.83 ₪

    With the Monin Syrup 6 Minis you have 6 different flavors for your coffees, cocktails or desserts.
    The 6er Mini contains 6 bottles of 5cl each. These are: macadamia, caramel, hazelnut, vanilla, white chocolate and chocolate cookie.
    For 3 generations, the French family-owned company Georges Monin S.A. Syrup and exquisite liqueurs.
    The recipe for success is as simple as it is ingenious: the treasures offered by nature are gently processed and bottled. Monin is the "No. 1" and has been voted syrup of the year several times.
    1 pack Monin Sirup Mini bottle set with 6 bottles à 5cl

    3 x Multi Silicone Grease Lubricant OKS 1110 Silicone Grease

    €23.89 / 99.70 ₪
    OKS Multi Silicone Grease For the Care and Maintenance of Coffee Machine Food Safe 3*10 g

    Barista Espresso - Whole Bean

    €14.99 / 62.55 ₪
    100% Arabica Tchibo Suitable for fully automatic 1kg

    Beetle Caffè Crema, Whole Bean, Aroma Softpack, 1.000 g, 1 Pack (1 x 1 kg)

    €9.99 / 41.69 ₪

    Suitable for use in all current coffee and espresso machines.
    gentle & mild - aroma-proof in the soft pack with aroma valve sealed
    Gentle-mild enjoyment with a slightly fruity note. For lovers of mild coffee enjoyment - our special recommendation.
    Perfect for all standard coffee and espresso machines,

    Caffè Crema capsules

    €23.90 / 99.74 ₪

    Dallmayr Capsa- Coffee Capsules

    €2.99 / 12.48 ₪
    Dallmayr capsa is compatible with the current Nespresso system for private households. 10 Capsules in each box. Product flavor depends on availability!!

    Dallmayr Coffee Crema d'oro Intensa Coffee Beans, 1 Pack (1 x 1000g Bag)

    €16.98 / 70.86 ₪

    Coffee specialty in whole beans
    With a fine crema and Italian flavor - also perfect as a cappuccino or latte macchiato
    Ideal for fully automatic coffee machines
    With a strong intense taste and a balanced aroma

    Darjeeling Schwarzer Tee

    €2.95 / 12.31 ₪
    200g The healthy plus Black tea Darjeeling is the finest black tea from India. Only the finest plucking of a season from the district of Darjeeling in northern India can be considered for this noble tea variety.

    Espresso Milan kind - Whole Bean

    €11.99 / 50.04 ₪
    100% Arabica Tchibo Suitable for fully automatic 1kg

    Jacobs Barista Editions Crema Mild, Coffee Whole Bean, 1 kg

    €17.98 / 75.03 ₪

    Barista inspired coffee: high quality blend from the best growing areas in the world.
    Mild and fruity, with a touch of spice
    Carefully and gently roasted in the drum roaster
    First choice for caffè crema , Caffè Latte or Café au lait. Included in delivery 1x 1000g package

    Jacobs coffee whole bean, 1 kg

    €14.89 / 62.14 ₪

    Balanced taste with fine acidity
    Perfect coffee enjoyment with the unique pampering aroma
    Ideal for fully automatic coffee machines
    Suitable for preparing caffe crema and specialty coffees such as latte macchiato or cappuccino.
    1 x 1000g package

    Jacobs Espresso for Nespresso Machines

    €2.65 / 11.06 ₪
    10 pcs

    Jacobs Type Espresso Sticks

    €2.19 / 9.14 ₪
    (25 pcs)

    Julius Meinl Crema Espresso Classico, 1 Pack (1 x 1000 g)

    €30.26 / 126.28 ₪
    Roasting: dark, Italian Aroma: strong, full, intense fragrance Taste: balanced, full body Crema: firm, hazelnut brown, long lasting

    Julius Meinl Espresso Gold, 1 Pack (1 x 1 kg)

    €28.70 / 119.77 ₪
    Coffee Description: A balanced blend and the slightly darker roast give it a perfect balance of acid and bitterspaces - for the maximum espresso experience.

    Lavazza Caffe Crema Classico - 1kg

    €11.99 / 50.04 ₪

    Aromatic and balanced
    notes of dried fruit
    70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
    whole beans
    suitable for fully automatic and portafilter
    harmonious and spicy
    The popular classic
    Ideal for long caffè
    70% Arabica and 30% Robusta
    Suitable for all fully automatic machines

    Lavazza capsulate

    €5.99 / 25.00 ₪
    16pcs per pack

    Lavazza Crema e Aroma (1 x 1kg)

    €16.98 / 70.86 ₪
    Creamy and aromatic
    The popular classic
    Ideal as a large caffè
    70% Arabica, 30% Robusta
    Bean for fully automatic machines and portafilters
    strong aroma
    high flavor intensity

    Lavazza Pienaroma Espresso - Whole Bean Coffee, 2.2-Pound Bag by Lavazza

    €23.44 / 97.82 ₪

    boasts an exceptionally fruity and floral aroma
    an excellent blend of 100% Arabica beans from the best Brazilian plantations and the Central American highlands.

    aromatic in the taste, fragrant, creamy and fine, capped with a nicely drawn crema
    medium roast - low acid
    1kg whole bean

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