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BOSCH SIEMENS 00311926 Washing machine cleaner, 200g

€13.65 / 49.10 ₪
Content: 200 g, sufficient for one application. Repeat every three months.
Ensures a clean, hygienic interior of the washing machine, which can improve washing results.
Suitable for removing residues such as detergent from the device.

Bosch surface cleaner Multi Aquasurf 280

€42.94 / 154.46 ₪
Generous 280 mm diameter.
Good cleaning performance.
Suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Integrated splash guard.
Handles for easy handling.

Bosch, Siemens, Neff "Wiener Kalk" cleaning powder for stainless steel surfaces, 100gr

€15.65 / 56.29 ₪
Make a paste of cleaning powder and water and then clean in the direction of the grain of the surface.

Bosch, Siemens, Neff Care oil for stainless steel surfaces 100 ml

€14.65 / 52.70 ₪
Stainless steel care agent suitable for all stainless steel and aluminium surfaces

Bosch, Siemens, Neff cleanser Degreaser for household appliances

€18.65 / 67.08 ₪
Degreaser for intensive cleaning of stubborn grease and dirt.
Content: 500 ml spray bottle.
Particularly effective on kitchen cabinets, tiles, extractor hoods, microwave ovens, hobs and stainless steel surfaces.

Bosch, Siemens, Neff, Gaggenau descaler quick descaler for washing machines and dishwashers 00311919

€10.51 / 37.80 ₪
Quickly and powerfully removes limescale deposits.
Particularly recommended for hard water.
Must not be used together with dishwashing detergents.
Causes serious eye irritation.
May cause an allergic skin reaction.

Grid SIEMENS 11015131 for Hob

€126.95 / 456.64 ₪

Grid SIEMENS 11015132 for Hob

€119.95 / 431.46 ₪

Grill grate for oven hob 455 x 380 mm Bosch Siemens 00577170 577170

€31.96 / 114.96 ₪
Combination grate for hobs: width: 455 mm, depth: 380 mm, height: 30 mm, material: metal.

Induction hob Siemens EH601LFC1E

€721.88 / 2596.60 ₪
Induction hob with innovative features for more flexibility when cooking.
With the dual lightSlider, the hotplate can be operated easily and intuitively.
fryingSensor: automatically keeps the desired temperature of the pan constant after heating, so that nothing burns.
Number of hotplates / cooking zones: 4
Number of power levels: 17
Connected load (electrical): 7400 W.
Dimensions Width: 572 mm Depth: 512 mm Height: 56mm

Siemens 3-way telescopic pull-out HZ638300, oven pull-out

€94.99 / 341.68 ₪
Thanks to the Siemens 3-way telescopic pull-out HZ638300, baking trays, grids or universal pans can be pulled out of the oven on three levels.
The HZ638300 is simply and safely inserted into the oven wall and then offers a stable pull-out device.

Siemens EX675LXC1E Induction

€628.99 / 2262.48 ₪
With the dual lightSlider, the hob can be operated easily and intuitively.
powerMove Plus intuitive control thanks to three heating zones with different temperatures - activated on contact.
bratSensor automatically keeps the desired pan temperature constant after heating so that nothing burns.
Connection220-240V 50 / 60Hz mains connection
Housing properties Width (cm)60.2 Depth (cm)52 Height (cm)5.1

Siemens glass pan HZ636000, baking tray (transparent)

€69.99 / 251.75 ₪
Glass bowl for ovens.
Suitable for 60 cm ovens .
Dishwasher safe.
Dimensions: 455 x 365 x 25 mm.

Siemens universal pan enamelled HZ632070, baking tray

€31.37 / 112.84 ₪
Item dimensions L x W x H 47.5 x 43 x 5 centimetres.

Siemens BI630CNS1 iQ700 Heat Drawer / Stainless Steel

€365.00 / 1312.90 ₪ €429.00 / 1543.11 ₪
Easy to open the heat drawer thanks to push/pull function.
The heat drawer can be installed separately, combined with a classic oven or 45 cm compact device.
The heated glass plate can be adjusted in 4 temperature settings of approx. 30°-80°C regulate glass surface temperature.
Product Dimensions ‎59.4 x 54.8 x 14 cm.